2007 book cover

2007 book cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some conspiracy theorists bang on about a NEW WORLD ORDER, and I’m one of them! This new world order, intended to control populations and natural resources does not involve ‘countries’ per say, but individuals who control global corporations. A new world order is not a ‘new’ phenomenon, but an old one. The Romans created a new world order, didn’t they? The Moors did it, the Ottomans too. The English, the Spanish, the French, the Germans and the Americans too. Individuals behind our present new world order have the distinct disadvantage¬†of having to re-shape the globe in the glare of publicity, for with the advent of the Internet, nothing can remain hidden for very long. No doubt in a couple of hundred years there’ll be another new new world order. Business is business, and it must be managed!


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