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English: none (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently 100 patients a day wait an hour in an ambulance before they reach A & E. (One presumes not in the same ambulance). This reminds me of the STACKING system above Heathrow Airport. Suppose you are actually flying into the UK for a life-saving operation. Between circling the airport for 45 minutes waiting for a landing slot, and waiting an hour in the ambulance once it arrives at the hospital, might you not be too dehydrated to undergo the rigours of an operation? Britain WORKS!

Meanwhile, scientists have found that people who queue place a higher value on the goods they are waiting for. This, in turn,  makes them more patient as they believe their purchase is worth it. That’s all well and good if by the time you reach the front of the queue you are able to purchase the item you’ve been queuing for, but what happens when after say three hours queuing in the cold and wet you discover that new model iPhone is all sold out, or the plane has taken off without you?


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