University College Hospital, cruciform buildin...

University College Hospital, cruciform building (used for teaching). Taken by C Ford, March 04. Category:University College London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NEVER MIND the poor put-upon British badgers that are accused of passing on tuberculosis to UK cattle…we have an even more pressing problem! LONDON, the bolthole for the rich, the famous, and let’s not exclude the infamous, has become the TB capital of Western Europe! Please let’s not have another firework display…it’s nothing to boast about! The Capital has more TB cases than the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Norway combined, and what’s even more disturbing…more cases than Eritrea and Gambia. Shit man, don’t you sneeze and cough over me…a handshake will suffice!

So in an effort to stop the spread of the infectious lung disease, health officials are taking to the streets…well, not literally. University College London Hospital’s £460,000 van equipped with an X-ray machine is driving around London offering free check-ups. Hey, do you honestly think illegal immigrant carriers, the Capital’s homeless and drug addicts are going to line up for treatment? Phew, I guess this is one subject Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber won’t be turning into a West End extravaganza!

A TB outbreak can also occur when you take in millions of people who come from countries that offer no free preventative medicine. Why haven’t France and Germany experienced a similar spike of TB? I would be interested to know the answer to that question!


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