charles dickens

A life-size £140,000 bronze sculpture of novelist Charles Dickens was recently unveiled in Portsmouth, the city of his birth, on what would have been his 202nd birthday. More than 40 descendants of the 19th century novelist attended the ceremony at Portsmouth’s Guildhall Square, which is less than a mile from the house where he was born. Why has it taken 144 years for a statue of Charles Dickens to be built in Britain? The great man wrote in his will that he should never be made the ‘subject of any monument, memorial or testimonial’.

I wonder what the great novelist and social commentator would think of 21st century Britain? I suspect he would say; ‘The people haven’t changed that much, but I don’t understand a word they are saying! Dickens would deplore the damage inflicted to spoken English after his passing. I further suspect the great man would voice his concern over the iron grip the government has over the people!


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