Bulletproof (Photo credit: jillmotts)

Manufacturer Charles Alan Inc., in Fort  Worth, Texas, US, will build your bespoke fire-rated, weapon-storage couch to order. ‘CouchBunker’, a couch that can store up to 30 rifles and with bullet-proof cushions that can stop a .44 Magnum bullet at point blank range is now available in America. The cushions, fitted with straps, can be worn as armour when on the move. Presumably this is when you are the victim of a home invasion? Still not convinced, well, the 900lbs CouchBunker is available in a range of  colours and materials to match soft furnishings and curtains for a mere $6,700.

If you already drive a bullet-proof car, wear bullet-proof clothing and Kevlar underwear, why not buy yourself a bullet-proof couch? No home should be without one…or a panic room! On the other hand, have you thought about making more friends than enemies?


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