FATWA ON CROISSANTS! (Yes, that’s what I said.)

English: Lye croissants, popular variety of th...

English: Lye croissants, popular variety of the French croissant in Southern Germany Deutsch: Laugencroissants, beliebte Abwandlung des französischen Croissants in Süddeutschland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A FATWA has been issued on CROISSANTS in a rebel-held area of Aleppo, Syria. The crescent pastries have been deemed “haram” (forbidden in Islamic law) due to their COLONIAL influence, according to a report in Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat, translated by Al-Arabiya.

A copy of the religious ruling, which appears to have been made by Sheikh Abu Mohammed of the Islamic court Hai’aa al-Sharia, has been circulated online. According to the fatwa, the CRESCENT shape of the pastries celebrates European victory over Muslims. Boy, some people have nothing better to do than bear a GRUDGE!

But The Washington Post reveals: “The much-repeated legend that seems to be behind the anti-croissant fatwa – that a baker in Budapest invented the treat after the city repelled an Ottoman invasion (in 1686) – has been debunked by food historians several times over. “Most agree the bread migrated to France by way of Austria in the early 1800s. And while France did rule Syria for a period before World War II, Austria obviously never did.

What I’d like to know is this. Does the FATWA on croissants extend to plain croissants, or to the filled pastries too, and if so, does the religious ban extend to ‘sweet’ AND ‘savoury’ croissants? Will croissants go into hiding, or will they be afforded police protection? Only time will tell!

Me thinks someone should take a CHILL PILL!

*Thank you Huffington Post!


2 thoughts on “FATWA ON CROISSANTS! (Yes, that’s what I said.)

  1. Only a chill pill, surely some stronger medicine is needed in this case? Can we please stop sending these rebels M-16’s and send them some lorazepam instead? Honestly what is next?

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