Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The speech for Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd to deliver, formed part of a Whitehall exercise codenamed WINTEX-CIMEX 83,  which ran in spring 1983. It was one of the most dangerous years of the Cold War.

President Ronald Reagan hoped to put a “Star Wars” ballistic missile shield  in space and wanted to deploy US nuclear missiles to Europe, including to RAF  Greenham Common west of London. Tensions were raised when the Soviets shot down a South Korean civilian  airliner, killing all 269 people on board.

The Queen’s speech, should a Third World War break out, imagined the Soviet Union launching a devastating chemical weapons attack and NATO responding with Nukes.

The last words Britain would have heard from the Queen as it stood on the brink of nuclear annihilation were revealed in the summer of 2014, are part of a treasure trove of declassified documents released  from the National Archives at Kew, West London, 30 years after potential Armageddon.

“Now this madness of war is once more spreading through the world and our brave country must again prepare itself to survive against great odds,” it  reads. “As we strive together to fight off the new evil let us pray for our country. My message to you therefore is simple. Help those who cannot help themselves,  give comfort to the lonely and the homeless and let your family become the focus of hope and life to those who need it. If families remain united and resolute, giving shelter to those living alone  and unprotected, our country’s will to survive cannot be broken. May God bless you all.”

The ORIGINAL draft of the Queen’s speech has yet to be revealed. Let me reveal it to you here today!

“Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls…let those Soviet MOTHERS BURN!! Our brave boys of the RAF will strive to shove a nuclear bomb…or two up the enemy’s JACKSIE (ASS). Who says Great Britain doesn’t EXPORT anything any more? The ‘Made in Britain’ logo will be emblazoned across that F**KING EVIL empire. Rule BRITANNIA! Now where’s my port & lemon? Oh yes…BOOM CHUCKA CHUCKA!”



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