According to Cancer Research UK, one in every two people will develop a cancer at some point in their lives, but due to a new group of super anti-cancer drugs, many more patients will survive. It must be said, since advances in medical science and in environmental health have greatly helped to lengthen our life expectancy, what is so surprising in hearing of advanced cancer rates, after all, suppressed immune systems in the elderly allow for the perfect environment in which cancer can flourish!

Some people believe the obesity epidemic in the Western World was engineered…that we are not fat by chance or even greed! So if you are part of the so-called obesity epidemic, take comfort in the knowledge you may not be to blame for carrying extra timber! Bearing in mind there is little money to be made from healthy people, some money to be made from burying you, but a great deal of money to be made from the unhealthy and fat! I repeat, it may well be it is no accident you are fat! It has been suggested by conspiracy theorists, food manufacturers are in league with big pharma, private healthcare and governments to squeeze every last penny out of us. Ready meals and junk food may contain chemicals that make us fat, sick and yet ready, willing and able to continue consuming the same shit! I refer to ‘same food addiction’. The chemicals in food that may be toxic to our systems, make it impossible for many of us to break this cycle of addiction.

Bearing in mind obesity causes all manner of illnesses, from heart failure to high blood pressure to high cholesterol and diabetes, it should be no surprise to you to hear that drug companies earn trillions of dollars a year from selling product to hospitals, private and public. What about the $60 billion a year turned over in the diet food industry? Some of the companies involved are the same companies that made us fat in the first place! Have you considered the money diet books make, or exercise DVDs? The more conglomerates make out of the fat and unfit, the more a government collects in corporate tax. Take further comfort in the fact, taxes raised by you drinking to excess, smoking and eating far to much of the wrong foods are helping to support your government! Unfortunately modern life is a death sentence! In conclusion, I would say this, food manufacturers construct fat children who become fat adults, and fat people are seen as an investment in future sales. According to the World Health organisation, US children who eat just 200 calories more per day than in the 1970s, equates to an $20 billion in extra sales a year!


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