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We constantly read about the evil that children do, be it a young Muslim suicide bomber or a young Christian who massacres students in schools or colleges, but I’ve yet to hear their parents taking responsibility for their own bad parenting skills! Many adults these days decide to have children when they have absolutely no idea how to raise their offspring, or worse, have no intention of applying positive parenting skills. You can’t leave it to fate, or to society to instil concepts of right and wrong into your children’s psyche. Sure, parents must work, and can therefore be classed as absent parents, but the government or society cannot be held responsible for raising your children. It is your job, and if you shy away from the responsibility, then you too must be held responsible for the actions of your children. I would even go as far as to prosecute bad parents. And don’t dare blame the internet/social media/faith schools. It is your job to arm your children with a ‘moral code’ to fight the twin evils of ‘indoctrination’ and ‘radicalization’ as soon as the nurse cuts the cord! Yes I know it’s hard work, but who said raising children is supposed to be easy?


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