chicken breasts

London’s Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Hospital! Three British women have undergone a revolutionary new 45-minute operation costing £6000 to fit a ‘bra’ underneath the skin in order to combat sagging breasts. The ‘internal bras’ comprise a fine, hardened, leakproof silicone cup placed under the breast tissue, and fine silk straps screwed into the patient’s ribs to lift the breast. They remain invisible under the skin and will allow women to go out into the world braless. Whatever you do girls, don’t for Christ sake sneeze! Hey, it sounds to me like an awful lot of trouble to go to for a pair of sagging breasts? They are after all designed to suckle the young, and no more. We really do make too much of a bit of muscle and milk glands! Many of us are far too self-obsessed with how we look. Women of a bygone age faced with sagging breasts merely slung them over their shoulders and carried on churning butta! If and when my man boobs begin to sag, I’ll do the same!


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