Black Diamond ice-creamFor those of you with a sweet tooth, who are stinking rich but have never had to do a day’s work in your life, you may be interested in paying £530 for a single scoop of Black Diamond ice-cream from the Scoopi ice-cream café on the Al Wasl Road in Dubai. But what’s in it? Madagascar vanilla, Iranian saffron, slices of black Italian truffle, topped with 23-carat edible gold. Oh, you get to eat your single scoop out of a Versace bowl. Clearly there’s no accounting for taste, and those of you who succumb to Black Diamond ice-cream have none!

To'ak chocolate 1

Would you pay £169 for a 1.5 ounce bar of To’ak chocolate, the most expensive bar of chocolate in the known world? Made from the 5% of ‘fine grade’ Ecuadorian cocoa, the miniscule bar comprises 81% of pure dark chocolate, 9% sugar and 11% pure ego! Company co-founder Jerry Toth says, the cocoa seeds once harvested, are fermented into liquid chocolate, and then ‘hand moulded’ into the shape of a shell. Clearly the gentleman has a sweet toth! 


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