Unfortunately this is not the first time I’ve been forced to come to the defence the obese, but someone must do it! Many people end up clinically obese due to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune!  We are not all natural piggies. Some of us gain weight due to the stresses of living in an emotionally ‘ring-fenced’ society. ‘Disappointment’ can be almost as damaging to an individual as cancer. Immobility is also a cause of obesity. How many of us work at a computer screen, and then go home and sit in front of a television or another computer screen? Taking in more calories than we burn up can be habit-forming. Who doesn’t ‘nosh‘ in front of the television? Often it isn’t even the amount of food we consume, but the type of food that leads to developing a spare tyre or two. Food manufacturers have spent billions of dollars over several decades to produce foodstuffs that are addictive from the first bite! It is said architects don’t design casinos, but psychologists do! The same criticism could I suppose be levelled at food scientists. Whether it be a biscuit, a bar of chocolate, a pie or a ready meal…remove the sugar altogether…and who would buy the products? Now I have a sweet tooth, yet even I have spat out pastries that have been too sweet.

So what is the quick fix solution to obesity other than a change in diet? Ah yes…regular, strenuous EXERCISE! So stick on your running shoes and pound the pavement! No!! Before you embark on a new exercise regime for Christ sake find out what your metabolic rate is, for if it is particularly low you could run until your sneakers give out, you won’t lose the kind of weight you hope to. Oh sure, you can exercise strenuously in order to increase your metabolic rate, but if you are that much overweight, a slightly elevated MR isn’t going to make a significant difference.

I am afraid the only way to lose a vast amount of weight…other than surgery…is to re-educate both your tongue and stomach, and for this to happen, well, I’m afraid it’s cold turkey for you! If you don’t take in fat the body must therefore utilise the stored fat. When your stomach rumbles, calling for food, let it rumble for a few days. So it’s a case of taking in a lot less fat and eating smaller meals.

There are a lot of aids around to help you get slimmer, but at the end of the day, the effort is yours. If you fancy spending $150 there is a wristband available that monitors your calories and vibrates when you’re being lazy. Well, for that device to work for me I would have to wear it around my throat to stop me swallowing! Scientists are currently developing a pill to get couch potatoes moving. It is supposed to counter ones laziness. I have to say, in order to get me out of my couch the pill would have to be made of X-LAX! In conclusion, if there is ever a worldwide famine, us fatties will definitely have the last laugh!


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