mother earth

Having scarred the surface of the planet from war and plundered its natural resources in order for us to enjoy our creature comforts, it’s only right and proper that we one day pay our debt for using and misusing the environment, don’t you think? So instead of only paying lip service to ‘environmental concerns’, why not consider an ecological burial? It is based on a new combination of tried-and-tested techniques that prepare the corpse for a natural process of decomposition. According to Promessa Organic Burials, the procedure is justifiable in terms of ethical, moral, environmental and technical considerations, and does not subject the body to violent or destructive handling. In other words, your remains are respected, as is the ground you lay in!

While avoiding harmful embalming fluid which probably gives Mother Nature acid reflux, the body is preserved in a biological form after death. Our body’s fluids (70%) are removed, before the corpse is first frozen to minus 18 degrees Celsius and then freeze-dried in liquid nitrogen. Vibration then transforms our brittle remains into an organic powder. The now dry powder then passes through a metal separator where any surgical spare parts and mercury are removed.

The remains are now ready to be laid in a coffin made of corn starch. The organic powder, which is hygienic and odourless, does not decompose when kept dry. The burial takes place in a shallow grave in living soil that turns the coffin and its contents into compost in about 6-12 months time. If you so wish, a bush or tree can be planted above the coffin. The compost formed can then be taken up by the plant, aiding the ecological cycle.

*While writing off one’s debt to the environment, I am surprised ecological burials aren’t compulsory the world over! There is nothing the earth hates more than embalming fluid or a metal hip-joint! I mean, what the f**k is Mother Nature expected to do with that?


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