corpseWell according to British Airways, ‘The World’s Favourite Airline’…ahem…should a passenger ‘give up the ghost’ during a flight, you don’t stick the body in the toilet, for the toilet is strictly reserved for ‘Mile High Club’ members. Nor must you bend the corpse in two and slide it under a seat. You don’t squeeze the deceased into the hand luggage compartment, for should the body fall out and onto a passenger, a civil suit for ‘battery’ would almost certainly follow! Neither should staff remove the body to the cargo hold, for in it might be animals in quarantine. Nor should staff members prop the corpse up in its seat, give it a gin & tonic and pretend the deceased is asleep. What you are supposed to do with a dead body, is remove it to an empty seat well away from other passengers! Really? What happens if someone dies at the outset of a long haul flight, say to Australia or Las Vegas? Might not the other passengers smell a rat? Surely the best place to remove a dead body to, is economy!


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