Last year Swiss performance artist Milo Moire (female), 32, pushed paint-filled eggs out of her vagina during her Plop-Egg Exhibition, which she described as ‘volcanic explosions of colour from her vag’. This year, as part of the artist’s Naked Life Exhibition, Moire is seen walking naked with a naked baby in her arms around the LWL Museum for Art and Culture located in Munster, north-west Germany. Huh, I suppose it’s better than getting a job as a bus driver, but is it art? Probably not! Of course, by the same token, should I drop my trousers in public and fart, might not I consider that performance art, or is it just plain bad taste? Too many so-called artists bring form to mental masturbation and call it art! The work, if you can call it that, is less than drivel! The rest of us must make a ‘real’ contribution to society by working for a living! And let’s face it, if Milo Moire wasn’t so beautiful, would she do what she’s doing, probably not!


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