Medicinal alcoholic drink ‘Ttongsul’, a South Korean rice wine uses fermented FAECES from a human child. It is thought to be able to make cuts and bruises disappear, mend broken bones and even cure epilepsy. The drink is not widely available. Thank Christ for that! The rice wine is nine per cent alcohol and includes faeces from children aged around six years-old. Really? I’d rather drink wine made from a fermented cobra! In any case, Coca Cola are not rushing to buy the recipe any time soon! Surely it’s only a matter of time before Ttongsul is made available in Britain’s National Health Service along with astrological charts as cheaper alternatives to established medicines! If it is, and you do find yourself guzzling Ttongsul, just make sure you wash your teeth immediately after drinking the stuff! ‘Around the tongue, down the throat, look out stomach here it comes!’


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