Is it safe

You go in for a simple filling, but nothing’s ever so simple, is it? You’re not in the chair two seconds and you’ve already been persuaded to believe the inside of your mouth is an apocalypse! You go private and it’s…’Hello, I’m doctor three-hundred-and-sixty-pound! You don’t mind if I take a charge on your house, do you?’ You register as a NHS patient and it’s a three-month wait for an appointment. Is it any wonder people pull out their own teeth, suffer in silence, or travel to Eastern Europe for dental work?

The last time a visited my dentist, a Hindu called Dr Sharma, he insisted I needed a crown, a bridge, two extractions and three fillings. When I got the bill I couldn’t believe how big it was! I didn’t have the money, but that was alright. Dr Sharma settled for me signing over the rights to my soul!


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