the thinker

Probably influenced by the life-size bronze statue of Amy Winehouse erected in Camden Town, north-west London, Labour’s shadow minister and would-be mayoral candidate David Lammy, has suggested statues of ‘successful’ Londoners from singer Adele to now retired soccer player David Beckham should be erected across the capital to inspire young people, and no doubt metal thieves! Sorry folks, I don’t agree! Statues should be the preserve of ‘great’ historical figures whose actions changed the world for the betterment of millions! Traditionally of course one had to wait until one was dead before a sculptor cast a likeness in bronze, and that’s as it should be! Bending to modernity and erected statues all over the place to living, ‘self-obsessed’ so-called cultural icons does not sit well with me. Since most of the subjects under consideration are not highly educated, choosing to chase fame from an early age, any statue would certainly not inspire anyone to chase a university place. As I have briefly mentioned, metal thieves would have a field day!


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