jeremy clarkson

You either like the Top Gear TV presenter or you don’t! I have no strong opinion either way, and I don’t watch the show. Apparently Jeremy Clarkson was overheard threatening to fire a producer…out of a cannon while tied to an alligator with a personality disorder because his supper was cold!?! However what I do find somewhat interesting is the fact that British Prime Minister David Cameron came out publicly in support of Mr Clarkson, saying that the man should be reinstated after his suspension. Why did Mr Cameron do it? Cynic that I am, once the Prime Minister’s advisors whispered in his ear that Top Gear is watched by millions, that Mr Clarkson has millions of Twitter followers, that Top Gear online magazine is viewed by millions and the online reinstatement petition has been signed by hundreds of thousands of Clarkson supporters, the Prime Minster in showing support for the TV presenter, hoped to garner extra Conservative votes in the upcoming general erection which might go down to the wire!


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