oldest person in world

Not a month goes by without a newspaper printing the name of the oldest living man or woman. A few days later the ‘oldest living person on the surface of the planet’…dies, and the paper hurriedly prints the name and location of the ‘new’ oldest living person. Honestly, it is starting to annoy me! Perhaps individuals die so rapidly after seeing their names in print because someone insists upon interviewing them, forcing the ‘really old’ to expend their last few breaths recounting their lives and offering up reasons why they lived well past one hundred? “I’ve had a small glass of olive oil every day of my life!” Yeah, and suddenly there’s a run on olive oil! “Sex…I had sex every day for the first 86 years of my life!” Suddenly there’s a population spike as everyone downs tools to play hide the salami! “I do 30-minutes of rigorous exercise every single day!” Accident & Emergency department all over the world are suddenly plagued by slip discs and double-hernias! “I may be 117 years of age, but the reason I don’t look a day older than 99 is because I moisturize with bat shit!” Suddenly big pharma opens the first commercial bat shittery! “I’ve lived to 118 because I learned very young to…mind my own business!” Good for her, we should all try it!

As far as I can tell, the reason for longevity are as follows. DNA, eating healthily, staying out of harms way, and luck! On the subject of diet, it is said a Mediterranean diet rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish and olive oil can cut the long-term risk of heart disease by half, which may explain why Greek people have a long lifespan, but obviously not long enough for them to become industrious and pay their taxes!



  1. I believe there may be an Indonesian man claimed to be 146. Apparently, he has ID stating that he was born on the last day of 1870.

    Furthermore, there was apparently a Chinese man called Li Ching-Yuen who is purported to have lived 256 years. He was apparently born in the 17th century and was apparenly still alive during the second quarter of the 20th century. If he was born in 1677, he would still have been alive in 1930. But isn’t this really just a myth?

    Anyway, please visit my Twitter page and check, for example, my BBC link pertaining to the largest known mountain.

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