lost kingdom of monkey god

Ethnobotanists and archaeologists are falling over themselves in order to hightail it to the jungles of Central America. The lost city of the Monkey God has finally been discovered in Honduras! The remains of the lost civilization where it is said, the as yet unnamed Monkey God fathered half-human children has remained undisturbed for over 500 years, and is apparently intact. Honestly, the discovery cannot be overunder estimated! Will treasures be unearthed, only time will tell! In the meanwhile, various agencies and corporations have already put in bids for control of the lost city. Walt Disney wants to remove it brick by brick, take it back to Florida, reassemble it, only to open the place as another theme park. George Lucas and Warner Brothers want to leave the lost city in situ, to be used as the film set for ‘Indian Jones and the Lost City of the Monkey God’. 20th Century Fox want to use the city as the film set for another ‘Alien V Predator’ movie. Hanna-Barbera want to use it for a new Scoobie Doo movie. The American NSA want to turn the lost city into a Central America covert listening station. The Honduran government want to turn the place into a ‘technical college’, while three Middle eastern Sheiks and two Russian billionaires want to turn the lost city of the monkey God into a hotel/casino complex. If that wasn’t enough, UFO conspiracy theorists are already suggesting the lost city is an alien landing site! The indigenous Honduran Indian tribes? Naturally they don’t have a say in the matter!


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