teleportation 1

While you and I go about our lives hopping on and off and in and out different modes of transport in order to get from A to B, to C, scientists and engineers are beavering away in secret trying to cut out the need to travel by bus, train, car and aeroplane. It is widely believed in some quarters that in 100 to 200 years, every home and office will have teleportation pads and control consoles, enabling our descendants to travel instantly as members of the Federation of Planets do in the Star Trek franchise television series. Well all I can say is, I’m glad I won’t be around in 100 years! Yes, I have misgivings, and these are they! Who is to say when one’s molecules are deconstructed at point of origin, they will be ‘precisely’ reconstructed on the arrival pad? One may end up with six toes on each of your three feet! One may end up with an elongated index finger which the world might interpret as ‘getting the bird’! A six-pack may become a ‘one-pack’ and your expensive Californian smile might have an over-bite! Furthermore, how on earth is one supposed to keep track of one’s children? “Mum, Dad, I’m just popping off the visit Giles in Brazil. I won’t be a moment!” On the other hand, moving house will be entirely without stress. Stacking furniture on a teleportation pad and pressing a button will certainly cut out items of sentimental value mysteriously vanishing between your old home and new one! Yet the question remains, is the science fantasy of teleportation likely to become science fact? Oh don’t make me laugh!!


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