knives and forks 1Britain is £2trillion in debt (yours and the Government’s). The armed forces have been cut to the bone, to the point where solders will soon have to share uniforms. Public services…National Health Service, transport, police, care for the elderly, general benefits…face continuous budget cuts. Even street f**king lighting is being switched off to save money! With ‘margins’ squeezed everywhere, toilet paper in government buildings and council buildings has become narrower, forcing the act of wiping one’s ass to become a recognised ‘discipline’. Meanwhile the House of Commons silver-plated cutlery is being sold off in an attempt to save a paltry £200 a weekfolk and spoon ‘restoration’, knife sharpening, chemical cleaning and polishing… and replaced with no-maintenance, stainless steel cutlery made in Vietnam or Taiwan! Christ all bloody mighty, we don’t even make it in Sheffield anymore, and the city of Sheffield use to make stainless steel for the world! Honestly, as if the saving of £200 a week is ever going to make a dent in the nation’s deficit? Folks, there is no longer any national pride because, we’re ruled by monkeys with AIDS!!


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