throw you toys out of the pramThere are plans afoot for Britain to share its tanks, artillery, fighters jets, battleships, including aircraft carriers, and presumably its nuclear submarines and military satellite systems with all 28 NATO members. Furthermore, according to Jean-Claude Junker, the European Commission president, a Euro army should be built to protect the continent against the threat from Vlad ‘the Impala’ Putin. Naturally the European Army would be commanded by Brussels and would work alongside NATO. I’m confused, aren’t several EU members already members of NATO?

First of all I’m never been one to share my toys, especially when I’ve bloody paid for them! Secondly, how many times have you loaned your toys out and never got them back, or got them back with scratches on them? Does the Ministry of Defence really want to receive back battleships only to find the decks are covered in nut shells? Thirdly, the idea of lending Royal Navy ships must be a Godsend for Euro mafia, who, mark my words, will find a way to use these British taxpayer-funded vessels to haul thousands of tons of illegal drugs and other contraband even if criminals must corrupt entire crews!! It will happen, but we won’t hear about it for 15-years. Fourthly, British forces will no longer be able to wage a war of choice, nor go to the aid of the Americans! The plan is called…castration!


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