Display: The device, which is being developed by a British firm, has already been shown off at police conferences in the US and UK water cannon

The British government was ill-prepared for the 2011 summer riots that spread from one end of the country to the other, fuelled by cyberspace communications. The riots caused hundreds of millions of pounds worth of damage, and damaged the reputation of our little island. Police forces acted late and their belated efforts to quell the riots were ineffective. People lost their businesses and their homes! In order to nip any future riotous behaviour in the bud, anyone with fast feet and sticky fingers will face a new generation of non-lethal weapons designed to quell violence quickly; Long-range CS gas or pepper spray guns, high-voltage Taser guns, water cannon, and portable acoustic cannon…115 decibels…that is designed to play havoc with one’s inner ear! So unless you wish to be electrocuted, temporarily blinded or blown off of your f**king feet, I suggest you remain indoors and watch endless repeats of ‘Only Fools and Assholes Horses’! On the other hand, if you feel, well, ‘gung-ho’, take to the streets and let the UK forces of ‘law & disorder’ turn you inside out! I guess it’s something to tell your grandchildren? Personally, I would never, never riot. As a responsible adult I would never steal a flat screen TV that didn’t come with a decent warranty! It’s now March 2015, so let us pray we don’t have a ‘long’ hot summer!

CS gaspepper sprayflame thrower

bownuclear explosion















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