eiderdown 1

For the very first time in four years Bunnee my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pissed on my duvet cover just as I was about to curl up in bed with a good book! The bed cover positively stank of ammonia. It was my own bloody fault. I had forgotten to put Bunnee out in the garden! But hey, could things get any worse? Oh yeah! Just as I had started to strip the bed, the f**king lights went out! Blackout!! Who wanted to cry? ‘Me’ wanted to cry! Now I had to run down stairs in the dark and search for a torch, candles and matches, mindful not to trip over the dog who had followed me down! Back upstairs, I finished stripping the bed, threw the duvet into the bath, went back downstairs and put the duvet cover in the washing machine.

Twenty minutes later and the electricity came back on. So what’s my gripe? It’s obvious, isn’t it? I simply hate putting duvet covers on to duvets. What a f**king awful ‘time consuming’ invention. If there was anything designed to make you feel like a ‘fool’, it is figuring out how to put duvet covers on to duvets. It’s ‘old-school’ for me! I’m definitely going back to using ‘self-contained’ eiderdowns!


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