toilet 5

Where are the personalities in UK politics these days? Most politicians appear to speak the same language, but regrettably it’s not a language most of us relate to! Does it take a major conflict to bring out the real characters? Which of out elected parliamentarians has ‘gravitas’? It seems to me, the only time our ‘self-serving’ MPs eyes light up and their hearts beat fast is when they’re caught fiddling their expenses, or caught covertly on camera offering lobbying services for money!

Why only the other day I read about an MP who got caught in a ‘toilet’ scandal, otherwise known as ‘toiletgate’. On the pavement outside a branch of Caffe Nero in The Strand, central London, there is a ‘stand alone’ public toilet that has disabled access. Abled-bodied members of the public can pay .50p to use the facility. If one is disabled, one can obtain a key from Westminster City Council, which you may keep for the duration of one’s incapacity. MP Mr ‘X’ pretended to suffer from a permanent urinary condition in order to obtain a key. Now that’s the kind of imagination that I fear will one day propel Mr ‘X’ to a seat in the Cabinet! Perhaps the gentleman using the ‘gentlemans’ will be a future Chancellor of the Exchequer?


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