STDs 1Some people believe children as young as 9 should be ‘subjected’ to graphic sex education at school in order to combat the growing pressures of the modern world, but what are these so-called pressures? Might they include peer pressure to ‘give it up’? What about advertising agencies sexualizing the young in order to shift units on behalf of their clients? And let’s not forget negative internet influences that reduce the female form to a piece of meat to f**k! I guess soft porn music videos don’t help either, and nor do video games in which most of the female ‘combatants’ are highly sexualized! Naturally poor parenting must play a part too. There may well be some sexual equality in the boardroom and in offices, but in society in general some young boys and men regard some young girls and women as little more than prey. Unfortunately the concepts of love and fidelity have been supplanted by the need for instant gratification! But whoever is to blame for this general lack of respect for the ‘weaker sex’, what form should this graphic sex education take? May I humbly suggest it should concentrate on the horrors of sexually transmitted diseases, which in some cases can lead to infertility!


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