crime 2Folks, crime has never had it so good, and that’s thanks to cyber crime, (fraud and identity theft), EU open border policy (people trafficking/drug trafficking/counterfeit goods/illicit organ transplants) and organised criminals getting even more organised thanks to state sponsorship! Why the valuable natural resources (gas/oil) of entire nations are hijacked leaving misery and a trail of blood behind! And a big ‘thanks’ is owed to the City of London’s ‘Square Mile’ and international investment banks who are more than happy to wash dirty money for a fat fee! When caught, ‘washers’ protest their innocence , but do admit to incompetence. Fines are relatively small compared to the decades worth of fees they’ve received, and rarely if ever is anyone convicted and sentence to prison. Yes sir, crime has never had it so good! Well you know what they say: ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it!’



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