Radioactive 1

More than 550kg/30 cartons of Chinese-made sanitary towels containing a radioactive substance were recently confiscated at Beirut International Airport. The Lebanese Atomic Energy Agency refused to name the company that shipped them via Dubai, or the dangerous substance. Okay, China is the biggest economy in the world, but in recent years there have been a number of serious problems where quality-control is concerned. Lead in paint, lead in children’s toys etcetera, but how on earth can a life-threatening, radioactive element find its way into the humble sanitary towel? Clearly the counterfeit menstrual product was manufactured by criminals on a ‘dirty’ site! Certainly there are advantages for vaginas that do indeed glow in the dark, particularly during power cuts, but I promise you, these are short-lived advantages! Where one’s health is concerned, best not buy anything made in China if you can possibly help it!


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