According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) directive referencing female genital mutilation, the term FGM now also applies to any woman who has consented to having her clitoris or labia pierced for fashion or sexual reasons. Thus Britain’s National Health Service health professionals must theoretically report any woman or girl with similar piercings, who intentionally altered or caused injury to her female genital organs for non-medical reasons. Err, excuse me, but what about male genital piercings, what, no mention? Is genital piercing any more of an unnatural practice than covering your whole body with tattoos? Is that too soon to be outlawed for medical reasons? If you really want to harp on about unnatural practices, the WHO might concentrate on the unnatural practice of rogue states continually threatening the rest of us with nuclear holocaust! That is certainly more injurious to our general well-being than the odd consensual female genital piercing, don’t you think? Mate, get your priorities straight! Self-expression is a right no one should be allowed to take away from us!

By the bye, once upon a time ex-girlfriend Shelley and I discussed getting ‘his & her’ piercings as a substitute for neither of us wanting children. Yes I know, I was and proudly remain…immature!


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