snooping 2Isn’t it funny how it’s only the politicians who talk about the ‘international community’? It really is a myth you know. Other than famine/disaster relief, here is no international community. States only pool resources when there is something at risk, or something to gain, like good PR! Who can be seen not to lend a hand when the lives of voters are at stake? In truth every country is spying on every other country via telecom surveillance tech or drones. The US is spying on Germany, France, Canada, Russia, China and us, while GCHQ in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire is spying on everyone else, as is China, Russia and France! Mostly, spying agencies working on behalf of any one particular State want to know whether agreements are being honoured. If covert, unsanctioned spying can find out who is talking to who in secret and who is sleeping with who, more the better! Miniature microphones with a range of up to two miles can fit in an average size politician’s anus, and often are. In an arena in which votes are often traded for little more than the price of an oriental carpet or a Mercedes-Benz, would you be surprised to know, several representatives of the United Nations are anally buggeredbugged? Really, anal fissures are a small price to pay for quality information! Furthermore, why pay for intellectual property rights when you can steal it! And thanks to new technology, State sponsored industrial espionage has never been so productive! International community? Oh don’t make me laugh. It’s a dog eat dog world out there!


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