Yes, that’s right, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are all set to reprise their roles. I wish them success, however the world and television has moved on since the 90s, so success is not necessarily guaranteed! Public tastes change rapidly. Interesting, isn’t it, how some TV shows can travel out of the decade they were made in and other cannot! One can still enjoy the Sweeney, 30-years later, and Kojak, yet The Avengers (Steed & Peel) is so embarrassingly dated, it’s almost too comical to watch! The writing is surprisingly…juvenile, yet when I watched it for the first time, I considered The Avengers…sophisticated. Even the New Avengers wasn’t any better! Anyway, let us hope the truth is still out there? I look forward with anticipation to watching Mulder and Scully washing one another’s backs in a Jacuzzi!


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