george osborneIn the recent and last budget before the upcoming May general erection, British Chancellor George Osborne took 1 penny off the price of a pint of beer! As if that miniscule gesture is going to ingratiate him in the eyes of the electorate, particularly when booze prices have been subjected to increases in every budget since Osborne became Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2005! Rather, he should have said: “Look, since all I can only afford to take off a pint of beer is a measly 1 penny, which is a derisory amount, I’m not going to take anything off the price of a British pint. However, should the Conservatives get re-elected in may, I will do my utmost to reduce the duty on beer by more than 1 penny in future budgets.” A bit of common sense honesty would have endeared the man to the public, and ultimately in the voting booth! Politicians really do think we’re all dim-witted!


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