Sorry, I mean MONO-gamy! So many men and women seem to be ‘playing away’ these days…cheating on their partners…it is no wonder there is an increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Adult internet dating sites must bear a great deal of the responsibility for the increase in adulterous behaviour, but does infidelity lead to satisfaction? Possibly ‘some’ satisfaction, but the long-term damage is incalculable! ‘Sex’ is everywhere, and many of us are quite naturally preoccupied with it. Now I know what you might say to me; ‘He who is without sin cast the first stone,‘ and I guess you are not referring to kidney stones! The fact is, sex sells! I’m the first to admit I’m a sinner. The trouble is, I fall in love so easily, but I have been known on occasion to confuse love with lust. Cold showers work, but since I had that water meter installed I have to monitor l how much water I use! A slave to my libido?  Quite possibly! At the end of the day, it is only true love that promotes ‘high-fidelity’!


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