Minister of Border and Tribal Affairs, Asadull...

Minister of Border and Tribal Affairs, Asadullah Khalid, attends the inauguration of the Access English program at Rahman Baba High School in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday, June 4, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Afghanistan, June 2013! A TALIBAN suicide bomber detonated explosives hidden up his BUM in a failed attempt to kill an Afghan spy chief! The would-be assassin, posing as a peace envoy, set up a meeting with the target knowing he would be strip-searched, so he SLIPPED his device in his rectum before appearing naked in front of the bodyguards. Then he triggered the bomb as he walked into to see the spy chief. The bomber died and his target, one Asadullah Khalid was injured. Following the security breach, security scanners will be upgraded to deal with the ‘cavity bomb’ threat. I think it is fair to say this BUM BOMB gives new meaning to the term ‘SHIT STORM’. Investigators are piecing the incident together along with the bomber! Of course what is not clear to me is, how the f**k did the bomber detonate his bomb? I guess it must have been a case of clenched cheeks all around eh? Someone must have been doing the ‘INSANITY’ workout!


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