water 1

Now as you probably all know, this is from ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The mariner shot the albatross and thus incurred the curse. The ship, becalmed and surrounded by sea, the mariner is unable to reach fresh water. So what’s the relevance? Well, its fresh water of course, or the lack of it to be more precise! The United Nations has indicated there is a looming global water crisis! By 2030 the world will only have 60% of the water it need for drinking, industry and agriculture. Indeed, the Governor of California has imposed the first mandatory water restrictions on the state’s history. Okay, this has a lot to do with the current drought, but still, it gets me to thinking! Due in part to global warming and a surge in humans populating Earth, in the very near future we may not be so able to guzzle the 1.5 litres of water a day that is recommended by health professionals.  Tap water is still cheap, as is bottled water, but what does the future hold? It is more than likely I will awake one morning to find water is a luxury item! Meanwhile The Royal Horticultural Society (UK) is launching its ‘greening grey Britain’ campaign, encouraging homeowners to rip up their crazy paving to be replaced with trees, scrubs, plants and flowers, intending to reduce flood risk by absorbing flood water. The problem is, all this greenery will need watering in dry weather, and people tend to over water their gardens!

Surely desalination plants is the way to go, after all, this is the ‘water planet’? Unfortunately, desalination plants cost billions to build, and it takes billions of gallons of sea water to produce very little drinking water. Secondly, it costs another small fortune to transport drinking water from one side of a country to another side. Frankly no one would be able to afford to buy it! Half the desalination plants are in The Middle East, where money is no object. The chances are, in the near future we will pay as much for drinking water as we now do for gas and electricity, so enjoy your 1.5 litres while you can! And when you’re old and grey, don’t whatever you do buy black market water, for it is bound to be laced with antifreeze! On the other hand, if in the future you can’t afford to pay for heating, black market drinking water may be the way to go!?



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