The Palestine Authority has become the 123rd member of the International Criminal Court. Big deal! Despite the Geneva Conventions (1864, 1906, 1929, 1949) establishing the standards of international law for the humanitarian treatment of war, the mistreatment of both civilians and enemy combatants continues unabated! Despite the 1943 establishment of the United Nations War Crimes Commission, (1945 Nuremberg Trials of Nazis), Hague trials for Yugoslav War criminals (Bosnian-Serb ‘ethnic cleansing, 1991-1999), and the 1994 International Criminal Tribunal for Rwandan genocide, there are still grave breaches of Geneva Conventions to this very day! Penalties imposed by ‘civilized’ nations on individuals convicted of barbaric and uncivilized acts don’t appear to put off evil individuals from taking lives in the most horrific ways. Okay, so a few people are eventually brought to book and languish in jails for the rest of their lives, but I suspect the whole point of the UN War Crimes Commission and those held in the Hague were supposed to act as deterrents? They haven’t! There are people who simply want to destroy you and I, and no threat of one day being held to account is going to deter them from any particular cause of action! You cannot negotiate with evil, nor do threats work!

Several Muslims from around world, many from Britain, have gone to Syria to serve ISIS. Recently nine medical students from the UK joined them, intending to nurse wounded ISIS soldiers!?! They know what Jehadists have done, and are doing, yet they go anyway. Why? Do they believe ‘anything’ done in the name of Allah and Islamic fundamentalism is acceptable? Don’t any of them feel loyalty towards the country that took in their immigrant grandparents or parents? The threat to monsters of some day appearing in an International Criminal Court to answer for their crimes doesn’t help victims today! Evil in its many guises covers the globe like a shroud. When will all those countries affected combine to field an international regiment of highly skilled soldiers to act as a rapid response force to go in and eradicate those who wish to rule large parts of the world by despotism? Russia and China both have problems with Islamic fundamentalists, yet they do nothing to combat the problem outside their borders. Imagine what could be achieved in Iraq, Syria and Nigeria if America, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Russia and China fielded a force to be reckoned with? ISIS might be wiped out within a year! Perhaps Western coalitions shouldn’t have entered Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, but they did it with good intentions, and were probably asked to go in. At some point governments from around the world must bite the bullet and put boots on the ground. A small group of SAS/Delta Force specialists are never going to halt ISIS, and nor is a limited air campaign! To defeat a ruthless enemy one must become ruthless too!


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