snake oil

It’s official, the rise in Earth’s average temperature has nothing whatsoever to do with the concentration of greenhouse gases, the supposed result of man-made carbon emissions, but a lot to do with the imminent return of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, aka Jesus the Jew, or Jesus of Nazareth! Texas Pastor Matthew Hagee, speaking to his ‘flock’…of sheep no doubt…in a TV broadcast, confirmed the increase in temperature was a ‘welcome mat’ for the ex-Middle East resident. F**k me, there really is a sucker born every minute! Mind you, if the sky pilot can squeeze money of out his audience, good luck to him, after all, ‘a fool and his money are easily parted’, right? Now let’s move the subject along to Texas inbreeding!

On the other hand, San Franciscan David Fitzgerald…yet another Jesus denier…citing the fact there are no mentions of Jesus in 125 historical accounts of the period (7-2BC to 30-33AD), claims Jesus didn’t exist at all!? Fitzgerald believes, because the gospels were written decades after Jesus’s supposed death, this represents further evidence everyone’s favourite Christian icon was a literary invention. Hey, if Jesus was at most, an urban legend, why would Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice have elevated the man to Superstar status? Man or myth, a lot of money continues to be made on the back of Jesus’s reputation. I say again, ‘Brand Jesus’ is big business, from America’s ‘Bible Belt’, all the way to the Vatican! Heads of Churches live in splendour, as do many of the immediate subordinates. Capitalism and the Jesus Brand are inextricably linked. Christmas and Easter represent two good examples! So even if the Christ never existed, it goes without saying, he does now!


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