kill switch

A lot of us have been inconvenienced by having our smartphones stolen. The psychological damage should not be underestimated. Oh it’s not just the loss of the device, or the bother of making an insurance claim, it’s the loss of valuable data and photos, both personal and commercial that is most irksome!

Finally Apple and Samsung have incorporated a kill switch into their smartphones which would allow the devices to be disabled if they are stolen. Google and Microsoft intend doing the same. Up ’til now users were only able to lock their screens to prevent strangers from gaining access to devices. Enterprising thieves would often hack into mobile phones to remove the barriers or instead replace SIM cards A kill switch would allow devices to be disabled by phone operators and manufacturers even if thieves had taken this action.

Frankly I don’t believe the proposed kill switch is going far enough. I think tech manufacturers should incorporate not a ‘faux’ kill switch, but a real kill switch into their mobile devices, so the next time my smartphone is purloined, a small hi-tech shape charge will actually blow the thief’s head clean off of his shoulders as soon as he puts my device to his ear, or blow off his nuts should he place my device in his trouser pocket! Either way, death or castration will indeed prove a deterrent to keeping thieves sticky fingers off other people’s property! Not until I walk down the West End of London kicking heads & nuts out the way and into the nearest gutter will I be satisfied the mobile device pilfering epidemic is over! What, my kill switch adaptation is too uncivilized? Then what about a high-voltage electrical charge designed to lobotomize a smartphone thief? Still too radical a suggestion? Oh I get it, you advocate another type of intervention! Well you meet the thief for a cappuccino and croissant if you like, but I warn you, a sociological resolution seldom works!


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