A more visually and appealing image of the mor...

A more visually and appealing image of the morse code (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As one who has had a great deal of experience with women…all of my ‘liaisons’ have thus far turned sour…I can tell you for any relationship to be long-lasting, there must be mutual respect, mutual compromise, and trust!

New York-based firm Woodenshark has created a way for people in relationships to ‘touch’ their partners even when they’re apart. The TapTap wristbands are quite obviously sold in pairs. When one person taps their wristband, the other person’s band vibrates to the same pattern – either as way of letting them know they’re thinking of them, or to communicate discreet messages.The company claim that a couple could use the wristbands to create secret languages, or send messages similar to Morse Code. Presumably messages like, ‘Darling, while you’re at your works drinks function, don’t even ‘think’ of looking at another woman! Big momma is watching you!’ Each band is said to last around seven days on one charge and includes LED lights to remind people of missed taps. So confident is Woodenshark that their ‘innovative’ design will take off, the firm has created a Kickstarter campaign to get funding for the product. Woodenshark is asking for $130,000 (£80,800) and have currently raised $79,000 (£49,000). I’m sure they’ll make it. Sounds like another winner to me!

A pair of wristbands costs $130 (£80). If they keep you out of the divorce courts, well, it’s money well spent! To connect a pair of wristbands, users need to download a free smart phone app to their Android or iOS device and enter their email addresses. The app also lets users send and receive taps from their phone. You will then be known as a TapMate. Trust is therefore no longer an issue…or is it? Seriously, Woodenshark should spread its net even wider! What about selling their high-tech wristbands in ‘threes’ to appeal to those of us involved in  manage-a-trios, where trust is definitely an issue!


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