drive-thru prayer

At one time or another you must have bought a ‘drive-thru’ take-away meal, and if you live in Michigan, you may well have paid your respects to a deceased at the drive-thru facility offered at the Paradise Funeral Chapel. Now for those Roman Catholic Californians who wish to ‘touch base’ with God (The Almighty), but who lead busy lives, worshippers at the Holy Spirit Church in Fremont can benefit from a drive-thru priest’s blessing without the need to get out of their cars! Critics of ‘religion-lite’ can be silenced by reminding them that Jesus promoted taking prayer out of the temples and onto the streets, which was probably why Jews colluded with Romans to crucify Jesus in the first place!

While many radical Muslims wish to turn the entire Middle east into a Caliphate, promoting strict Sharia Law, the McMass Project/Feast$Jesus in the United States aims to raise $1million in order to buy a McDonald’s franchise in either Jersey or Philly, and open it inside a church! Clearly it’s not just an army that marches on its stomach! We really do live in a world of ‘extremes’, where we constantly lurch from one extreme to another. Is it any wonder many millions of us have lost faith and patience with religion!


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