smart braResearchers at the University of Southampton have developed yet another brasserieBRASSIERE…which can measure the wearer’s mood in an effort to help prevent over-eating. Fitted with sensors, apparently the bra monitors heart and skin activity. Now if only the bra could massage one’s chesticles too, they’d be on to a winner! But now a Japanese lingerie company has created a concept bra, which it claims is be able to sense when a woman is in love. Ravijour has engineered a concept bra that only undoes when ‘true love’ is detected using a built-in heart monitor and works with a smartphone app. The prototype has a front clasp with a sensor and a light that glows pink if the wearer is in love with a person nearby. *Surely it’s about time someone invented a ‘quick release’ mechanism on gentlemen’s underpants telling him when he’s in lust? Oh, he already knows!


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