gibbon 1

Educators and sociologists are concerned that children are losing the ability to properly communicate with one another, and with their peers. These concerned adults tend to blame the hundreds of hours minors sit glued to the internet, video games and smart phones, the latter piece of tech possessing its own shorthand text language. Fewer and fewer children choose to read, and even fewer than that read literature. It has been suggested that in 100-years or sooner, children will only be able to verbally communicate with one another via a series of…grunts! Is the human race…devolving when it should be evolving?

Meanwhile, scientists have deciphered the secrets of gibbon ‘speech’. Apparently the apes are sophisticated, articulate communicators, using a range of more than 450 different calls to talk to their companions. I leave it to you to decide who is going to rule Earth in the future! Is it to be us, or the funky gibbon?


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