whale 1

Miss ‘X’ from Cumbria, a jobless, 32-stone, 21-year-old, who claims to be a borderline diabetic and sufferer of sleep apnea, declares it is too dangerous for her to work! Meanwhile, she has never had a full-time job and lives on £18,000 a year in State benefits, courtesy of the British taxpayer! Furthermore, Miss ‘X’ has consistently refused free NHS weight-loss surgery!

I wonder what Miss ‘X’ means by ‘too dangerous’ to work? Clearly she couldn’t get a job as a trapeze artist in a circus for fear of plummeting to earth and crushing to death several patrons, and nor should the ‘corpulent’ young lady be permitted to work with machinery, but what about working say, in an office? Well, Miss ‘X’ claims that would also be too dangerous!?! Apparently she might fall asleep at her computer console, inadvertently press the wrong button and plunge the company’s fortunes into negative equity! Well it looks like you and I will be supporting Miss ‘X’ for the rest of her natural life! Huh, and they say it is only artists and writers who possess vivid imaginations?


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