burnt toast

I’m sick and tired of hearing how wonderful other people’s mothers cooking is. My Mother had to work almost her entire adult life. Consequently she never had a chance to experiment in the kitchen with exotic ingredients. How on earth my sister and I managed to survive our Mother’s cooking is quite beyond me! We would have been better off rubbing Mum’s cooking in our hair, rather than chucking it down our throats! Even our two boxer dogs wouldn’t eat ‘home cooking’. Dinner time, and a stomach pump was considered de rigueur!

Now some guy has come out with a theory that certain music makes food taste better! According to professor Charles Spence, a behavioural psychologist from Oxford University, ‘Music can’t create taste or flavours that are not there in your mouth, but it can draw attention to certain notes in a wine or food that are competing in your mind.’ Hey buddy, I challenge that! Let my Mother cook for you! You can play whatever damn music you like, you will still feel like you’ve been poisoned!

The biggest laugh I recently had, was when I visited my dear Mother. Her computer was on, and the lady was half way through completing an application to enter the MasterChef competition! I laughed so hard, and for so long, my cheeks hurt! Honestly, some people should know their limitations! “So, what are you cooking for us today?” I imagined my Mum would reply, “Toast…one way!”



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