blame ganeHey, don’t blame me! I wear size 8 shoes, and I rarely go anywhere these days, and I’m not much of a consumer, so my carbon footprint is really miniscule compared to yours! Seriously folks, at whose feet can we lay blame at for climate change? Now according to two studies, one by the Woods Hole Research Centre in Massachusetts, and another one by the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, SQUIRRELS are to blame for global warming/greenhouse gases, or to be more precise, the arctic ground squirrel! Apparently, when digging burrows, the little critters melt permafrost, thus releasing organic material that has been preserved underground for years, in other words, methane and carbon dioxide. Hey, rubbishing the squirrel’s street cred doesn’t stop there, oh no! The rodent’s urine and faeces contribute to the process too, fertilising the soil around the released organic material and nourishing microbes that create methane. F**king little bastards! Oh dear me, it appears the Canadian BEAVER gets it in the neck too! Really? have I got ‘IGNORANT C**T’ written across my forehead, or what? Let’s get real! As if Secret Squirrel’s and Buffy the Beaver’s contributions to climate change is anywhere near as environmentally damaging as ours. Industrialization, deforestation, or even the methane created by the 30-million dairy cows in the world farting on a daily basis! At the end of the day, it’s not me, it’s you!


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