Medical alert bracelets

At a hustings event hosted by the campaign group Keep Our NHS Public, Chamali Fernando, barrister and Tory candidate for Cambridge, allegedly stated she believed mentally ill people should wear coloured wristbands in order to alert health professionals as to their condition should a patient in distress not be able to communicate their condition. Ms Fernando has since been unfairly vilified on social media sites for her comments.

With certain reservations, wristbands could be a good idea, so long as it didn’t stigmatize the mentally ill. I urge you to suppress your emotions and employ logic for a moment! Those of us who are allergic to certain drugs…penicillin for example…wear bracelets, do they not? Medi Alert bracelets are also worn by diabetics and those suffering from epilepsy. Speed of diagnosis can lead to speedy treatment and speedy recovery. Not wishing to sound contentious, several mentally ill patients…schizophrenics…who once upon a time resided in secure units…some of which have since been turned into apartments for the upwardly mobile members of society…are now roaming the street of Britain. Some patients will be on their meds, others may not be! There have been cases where innocent members of the public have been harmed and killed! Frankly, I don’t see a problem with the wearing of wristbands. My late father suffered from Parkinson’s Disease. I can think of at least two occasions when a wristband would have been bloody helpful! If I was suffering from a serious mental condition and I suffered a setback in public, I would want to be attended to quickly and efficiently. Wouldn’t you?



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