chocolate eclair

In recent years obese people have been picked on by politicians, the Press, nutritionists and the NHS, due to their over-whelming reliance on social security payments and the cost in treating their ‘illness’… diabetes treatment, cardiovascular health, weightless surgery. Furthermore, it was previously thought being overweight in middle-age raised our risk of dementia. However, a new study by researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Oxon Epidemiology group who analysed data on nearly two million people middle-aged or older, collected over 20-years from GP surgeries…phew…suggests obesity may even protect against mental decline, concluding it is those of us who are underweight in middle age who have a greater chance of dementia! It is even said, those of us who are gargantuan in size may have a 30% lower risk of suffering dementia than people of a healthy weight. Conclusion? Until these brand new findings are turned on their head, I shall refrain from attending ‘Overeaters Anonymous’ meetings and eat as if there is tomorrow! Bon appetit!!


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