windsor castleThat’s right folks, the peasants are indeed revolting at Windsor Castle, Berkshire, the private residence of Queen Elizabeth. For the first time in living memory members of the Royal Household, 76 wardens, backed by the Public and Commercial Services Union, have voted for action short of an all out strike. The wardens are refusing to carry out extra duties without pay, such as giving tours to fee-paying visitors, unless Segway electric scooters are provided for wardens convenience! Her Majesty’s response? The Tower of London’s Traitors Gate is to be revamped!? To remind you, Windsor Castle was built in the 11th century, almost built down in the late 2oth century, only to be rebuilt with money from the public purse! It was also at this location where Brown Windsor soup was invented in 1902, when 16 out of 24 members of the dynastic Order of Merit got diarrhoea when they crapped out around a celebrity crap table after eating bad pheasant! The incident was also referred to in the Press as ‘The Royal Flush’, and the ‘Bum’s Rush’.


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